The Catapult

Project Description

The catapult is a fun project to build while learning about how levers work. 

The catapult utilizes the simple machine of the lever the throw projectiles a far distance. It is built on a base with wheels so that we can roll up to a castle and start shooting! 

You can adjust the position of the pivot of the catapult to try and find the best setting for your needs! 

A lever is a tool that can help you lift or move something heavy. A lever has three parts: a bar, a fulcrum, and a load. The bar is a long and straight piece of wood or metal. The fulcrum is a point where the bar can pivot or turn. The load is the thing that you want to lift or move.

To use a lever, you need to place the fulcrum under the bar, near the load. Then you need to push or pull the other end of the bar. This will make the bar turn around the fulcrum and lift the load. The harder you push or pull the bar, the higher the load will go.

A lever can make your work easier because it changes the direction and the amount of force you need to apply. Force is how hard you push or pull something. When you use a lever, you can apply a smaller force at a greater distance from the fulcrum, and the lever will apply a larger force at a shorter distance from the fulcrum. This way, you can lift or move something heavy with less effort.

Some examples of levers are scissors, pliers, seesaws, crowbars, and bottle openers. You can also make your own levers with simple materials like pencils, rulers, books, and coins. Try to experiment with different levers and see how they work!

3D Instructions

Things to try:



Age Group:

7-10 years old