Build Club

At STEAM SQUAD, we pride ourselves in providing our students with a comprehensive and engaging education in one of the world’s most popular and versatile toys – LEGO.

Our highly effective three-year LEGO Education course is designed to challenge our students in developing and expanding their critical thinking and creative skills through a variety of fun and educational activities.

Beginning with the fundamental principles of creating simple machines, we guide our students through the various stages of LEGO Robotics, culminating in them learning how to electrify and code their machines.

At STEAM SQUAD, we differentiate ourselves from other institutions in Taiwan by offering an entirely unique course syllabus that has been expertly developed in-house by our experienced teachers and specialists. We are confident that our course will provide invaluable skills to our students, not just for their academic careers, but also in their future careers outside.

The course is split into three years with a central focus. Each year houses eight unique projects focusing on key areas.

Year One – Simple Machines 

  1. The Catapult 
  2. Tall Towers 
  3. The Spinner
  4. Merry Go Round 
  5. Cam Hammer
  6. Simple Crane
  7. Fishing Rod 
  8. The Bridge

Year Two – Powered Machines 

  1. Hill Climb Car
  2. Drag Racer
  3. Sweeping Car
  4. The Walker 
  5. Weighing Scales 
  6. Big Crane
  7. Gear Change Car
  8. Dog Bot 

Year Three – Coded Machines 

  1. Smart Bot 
  2. Bus Bot
  3. Speed Bot 
  4. Flat Bot 
  5. Lift Bot 
  6. Fly Bot 
  7. ConvertBot 
  8. DustBot

Year One: Simple Machines

Welcome to the world of simple machines! In this year, we’ll be exploring the exciting world of levers, gears, cams, pulleys, and more! We’ll learn how to manipulate forces to do the work we want to do, and build strong structures that can withstand anything!

Year Two: Electricity and Complexity

Things are about to get electrifying! In year two, we’ll be adding complexity and electricity to our creations, bringing them to life! We’ll tackle fast vehicles, slow vehicles, complex machines, gearboxes, and walking robots! Get ready to be amazed!

Year Three: Building for the Future

In year three, we’re taking a step back from building and focusing on bringing our creations to life using a graphical coding interface with LEGO WEDO. We’ll learn the fundamentals of computational thinking while building robots to help a town build up its infrastructure. Let’s get coding!

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Join us for the most innovative, effective and creative LEGO class in Taiwan. Build Club is a fully developed three year LEGO course taking students on a journey of discovery into how the world works. 


STEAM Learning

Age Group:

7-12 Years Old

Class Size:

10 kids in one class

Fees Cost:

$1200 per class

Meet Teacher Paul, who’s been rockin’ the Taiwan teaching scene for a whopping 13 years! He decided to shake things up in 2021 and launched STEAM SQUAD, a hub for tinkering and creating innovative educational experiences. We’re talking the ultimate mash-up of science, tech, engineering, art, and math that’ll have your brain buzzing with excitement! Get ready to learn, play, and invent with Teacher Paul – it’s going to be a blast!

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