About Us

Bringing passion and creativity to education

As the founder of STEAM SQUAD, my goal has always been to create an inspiring and engaging environment for children to learn. In Taiwan, our children face tremendous pressure to perform and conform, often leaving them feeling drained and uninspired in the classroom. But I know there is a better way. Learning should be an adventure, not a chore! At STEAM SQUAD, we believe that education can be exciting, enjoyable, and full of discovery. By fostering a love of learning, we can empower our children to pursue their passions and achieve their dreams. So let’s work together to create a world where every child can flourish and reach their full potential!

Education that empowers students to discover where their passion lies. Using STEAM as a framework to develop key skills and foster creativity, critical thinking, and curiosity.

STEAM is an educational framework focusing on Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics. We use STEAM as a foundation upon which to build our syllabi because it encompasses vital areas for developing well rounded adults. 

We provide a wide range of courses covering a broad range of topics, all centered around that foundation of STEAM learning.