First Steps

Hey there, future scholars! Are you ready to take your first steps towards a world of knowledge? Join us in our exciting course, “First Steps”, where you’ll discover the magic of education through fun and interactive projects. Get ready to laugh, play, and learn as we guide you through the fascinating world of learning. Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to jumpstart your educational journey with a smile!

Get ready for the ultimate adventure! In this class, we’ll be traveling across 10 incredible subjects in just 30 classes! You’ll get to explore the world of 2D shapes, delve into the concept of density, build some seriously strong structures, dive into computer science, and even blast off into space to learn about the orbital mechanics of our solar system! Our guided projects for each subject will keep you entertained and on your toes. So buckle up, grab your space helmet, and let’s blast off into the realm of learning!

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The first step in a lifetime of learning. First Steps has a little bit of everything to help your little one discover where their passion lies. 


STEAM Learning

Age Group:

5-7 Years Old

Class Size:

10 kids in one class


$1200 per class

Meet Teacher Paul, who’s been rockin’ the Taiwan teaching scene for a whopping 13 years! He decided to shake things up in 2021 and launched STEAM SQUAD, a hub for tinkering and creating innovative educational experiences. We’re talking the ultimate mash-up of science, tech, engineering, art, and math that’ll have your brain buzzing with excitement! Get ready to learn, play, and invent with Teacher Paul – it’s going to be a blast!

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